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Radio-detection techniques


Radio-detection uses the principle of electromagnetics to detect underground services. The principle works on the basis that a current flowing along a conductor creates a magnetic field, which extends around the conductor in concentric circles. A receiver coil can be used to detect the amplitude of this magnetic field. The amplitude varies depending on the position and orientation of the receiver within the field.






Moving the receiver from side to side it is possible to follow the maximum signal response and therefore, the line of the buried service. This method can be used to locate electrical cables by traversing the object area in a grid pattern to scan for buried power cables. Telecom and communication cables can also be traced from chamber to chamber by inducing a current of known frequency onto a conductor with a current generator and then scanning the ground with a receiver set at the same frequency to locate their position and depth.





  Lenmar personnel are trained in the use of this equipment and provide the most viable solution to locating and identifying utilities within your site or proposed development. The depth of the utiltiy can be determined when an induced signal is used on a specific pipe or cable. The accuracy of this depth reading is in the order of 10% of the depth.